Jinkee Pacquiao Admits Taking Contraceptives While Manny is Anti-RH Bill

Marital disagreement?

As the issue of the Reproductive Health or RH Bill heats up, superstar couple Manny and Jinkee Pacquiao are caught in the middle of public discussion and debate.

Boxing superstar and Saranggani Representative Manny Pacquiao on Tuesday publicly displayed his support of the Catholic Church and against the passage of the RH Bill.  Rep. Pacquiao went to the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines or CBCP office to have a meeting.  Afterwhich, the lawmaker together with the Catholic bishops graced an interview with reporters.

Rep. Manny Pacquiao expressed his stand against the passage of the RH Bill based primarily on the teachings of the Church.  However, minutes after the boxing great made his stand in front of the media, an interview made with Jinkee Pacquiao surfaced – with Jinkee admitting to using contraceptives.

The article was published on January 30 with Jinkee saying that she is using pills in order to manage their growing family.  In particular, she said in the interview,

“Hindi pa ako nagpa-tali, pero nagpi-pills ako (ngayon).” (“No ligation, but I do take birth control pills.”)

Pacquiao was later asked about this statement made by his wife.  He said,

“You know, in reality, even if the RH (reproductive health) bill has not yet been passed, many people are already using condoms or (birth pills) so why do we still need to pass it when people are already using them?”

Pro-RH Bill immediately pounded on Rep. Pacquiao being clueless on the issue.

Will Jinkee retract her statement or will this cause a marital disagreement between a wife who wants to exercise her freedom of choice for her body and health and a husband who is becoming a spokesperson of the clergy on an issue they are not very much familiar with?

Who will win in this fight?

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