Sen. Lito Lapid’s Wife Arrested for Smuggling $50,000 in the US

The wife of a senator was arrested for carrying too much cash.

Marissa Lapid, the wife of action star and Senator Lito Lapid was reported to have been arrested by US authorities on January 15.  The arrest was made in connection with the dollar smuggling case filed against her last November.

Sen. Lapid's wife arrested in the US.

According to reports, Mrs. Lapid only declared $10,000 to airport authorities, but upon inspection, separate stacks of $20,000 cash each were found inside her baggage.

Sen. Lapid confirmed the arrest of her wife but also said that she was already released upon posting a bail.  Mrs. Lapid is still in Las Vegas, Nevada while her case is still being heard.

“I have also sought the help of the Department of Foreign Affairs to find out what really happened,” said Sen. Lapid.


According to US laws, travelers carrying more than $10,000 should fill out the necessary documents, specifically Customs Form 4790.  This will then be submitted to authorities at the point of entry or departure for verification.

If proven guilty, Mrs. Lapid could end up with a five-year jail sentence and fine of $250,000.  The $50,000 she also allegedly tried to smuggle will also be forfeited.

While the case is still pending, reports say that the court ordered Mrs. Lapid to wear an ankle bracelet monitoring device.  She was also restricted by the court to travel within Clark County, Nevada unless the court gives her the permission to travel to other areas.

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